September 2007

Anna & Alex's wedding!

(Mostly getting-ready pictures; their real wedding pictures are here)
full Anna & her BFF Lisa (Anna is not quite ready yet)

full Anna's beautiful wedding dress, hand-made by her mother.

full Makeup artist extraordinaire Ali does that thing with the eyeliner.

full Anna had a "vision" for her hair.

full "Do I look Asian? I'm supposed to look Asian."

full Madeleine is shocked!

full Krista's awesome dress, that she designed and made herself!

full Erica & Krista - sisters!

full HOT MAMMA! Alex is one lucky man.

full Putting the dress on...


full "Maybe I didn't want all these people here while I get dressed..."

full Anna's mother and sister help her adjust.

full Lovely!

full Sister of the bride and the bride

full Red boots, blue bow garter!

full Swish!

full Lisa & Anna (it was a pretty full bathroom!)

full Most of my pictures of the ceremony are blurry like this one. :(
For really good ones, check out their photographer's pics.

full Anna's friend Scott married them in a short ceremony they wrote themselves.

full Lisa & Ben, looking all nice & coordinated.

full I am no doubt horrified by something Ben is doing here.

full That's better.

full ...and even better.

BRATFEST 2007 (the end of it, anyway)

full Brian & Maki cutting a rug


full I got there so late Catherine was already passed out. :(

More Bratfest pictures from Catherine and Chris.

Joe is a Doctor.

full Joe works in space.

full He also reads a lot of books.

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