Pictures from August-September 2007

26 August 2007 - Tamara's wedding!

full Tamara & Ingrid!

full Stefan isn't nervous.

full Beautiful bride, beautiful day!

full Tamara's brother Stefan walks her down the aisle.

full Signing of the official documents.

full Joe & Ingrid

full Mr. & Mrs.!

23 September 2007 - Our one year wedding anniversary!

full Apple Annie's Orchard in Willcox, where we went picking apples.

full Joe picks a bucket of apples.

full This will make good pie.

full Apple of my I.!

full Star in my sky!

full Ingrid looks awesome for the big date.

full The Spitales :)

full Joe had to follow the map (made of PAPER) to find his presents (which were all made of PAPER)

full Close up of the treasure map

full Starfish earrings!

full Look at all my new socks!

full Stinky, dying of nose cancer.

full Stash, being curious

full Lucky, being fat.

full Anniversary cake! (much better than 1 year of freezer burn ;)

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