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 PVL: Parameter Value Language

Value Member List
This is the complete list of members for Value, including all inherited members.
ARRAY enum valueValue
Array classValue [friend]
base() const Value [inline, virtual]
base(const int base)Value [virtual]
BaseValue [protected]
clone() const =0Value [pure virtual]
compare(const Value &value) const =0Value [pure virtual]
DATE_TIME enum valueValue
DigitsValue [protected]
digits() const Value [inline]
digits(const int digits)Value [inline]
IDValue [static]
IDENTIFIER enum valueValue
INTEGER enum valueValue
integer_to_string(const Integer_type value, const bool is_signed=SIGNED, const int base=10, const int digits=0)Value [static]
Integer_type typedefValue
is_Array() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Date_Time() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Identifier() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Integer() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Numeric() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Real() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Sequence() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Set() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_signed() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_signed(const bool signedness)Value [inline, virtual]
is_String() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Symbol() const Value [inline, virtual]
is_Text() const Value [inline, virtual]
MAX_BASE enum valueValue
MIN_BASE enum valueValue
nearest_units() const Value
NUMERIC enum valueValue
operator int() const =0Value [pure virtual]
operator Integer_type() const =0Value [pure virtual]
operator Real_type() const =0Value [pure virtual]
operator String_type() const =0Value [pure virtual]
operator unsigned int() const Value [inline]
operator Unsigned_Integer_type() const Value [inline]
operator!=(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator+=(const Value &value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator<(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator<=(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator=(const Value &value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const int value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const Integer_type value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const unsigned int value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const Real_type value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const String_type &value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator=(const char *value)=0Value [pure virtual]
operator==(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator>(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator>=(const Value &value) const Value [inline]
operator[](unsigned int index)Value [virtual]
operator[](unsigned int index) const Value [virtual]
parent() const Value [inline]
ParentValue [protected]
print(std::ostream &out) const Value [inline]
read(std::istream &in=std::cin)Value
read(Parser &parser)Value
REAL enum valueValue
real_to_string(const Real_type value, std::ios::fmtflags format=std::ios::showpoint, unsigned int precision=0)Value [static]
Real_type typedefValue
root() const Value
SEQUENCE enum valueValue
SET enum valueValue
STRING enum valueValue
string_numeric_base(const std::string &value)Value [static]
string_to_integer(const std::string &value, const int base=0)Value [static]
string_to_real(const std::string &value)Value [static]
String_type typedefValue
SYMBOL enum valueValue
TEXT enum valueValue
type(const Type type_code)Value [virtual]
type() const =0Value [pure virtual]
Type enum nameValue
type_name() const =0Value [pure virtual]
type_name(const Type type_code)Value [static]
units() const Value [inline]
units(const std::string &units)Value [inline]
UnitsValue [protected]
UNSIGNEDValue [static]
Unsigned_Integer_type typedefValue
Value(const std::string &units="", const int digits=0, const int base=10)Value [inline]
Value(const int digits, const int base=10)Value [inline, explicit]
Value(const Value &value)Value [inline]
write(std::ostream &out=std::cout, int depth=-1) const Value
~Value()Value [inline, virtual]