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PIRL Parameter Value Logic

The PPVL source code kit contains all the files that implement the PPVL components. The latest release is available from the PIRL distribution site. Most of the source code files define the PPVL libarary functions. The PIRL_strings module is included for the string manipulation utility functions used by the PPVL parser. The PPVL_report.c file uses the PPVL library to build a model application - named PPVL_report (described in the PPVL Manuals) - that will report the contents of any file interpreted to the extent possible as Parameter Value Logic text.

The Makefile provided should build the package on any Unix system. It has been used successfully on Sun/Solaris, Apple/Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, HP-UX and SGI/Irix. Just execute the make (or gmake) utility. It will build a static libPPVL.a library and the PPVL_report executable. There are three configuration variables for the Makefile that might be changed:

The installation directory root. It must have bin, lib, and include subdirectories where copies of the PPVL_report program, libPPVL.a library, and interface definition header files (*.h) are placed when "make install" is executed. By default the installation directory root is /opt/local.
The C compiler flags to be used. By default this is set to -O so that optimized object code will be produced.
The C compiler to use. By default the make utility will use "cc". To use a different compiler, such as gcc, set the CC environment variable (e.g. for C shell variants use "setenv CC gcc"; for POSIX shells use "CC=gcc; export CC"). This variable can also be set permanently in the Makefile.

The doc subdirectory contains the documentation headers that have been extracted from the PPVL source code files. They are in the form of preformatted manual (cat) page files. They are not installed automaticlly with the "make install" command. These files could be copied to man/cat directories (e.g. "cp doc/*.1 /opt/local/man/cat1; cp doc/*.3 /opt/local/man/cat3"). The doc/PPVL-HTML subdirectory contains the PPVL Manuals web pages.

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