The procedure will remove the "cubenormed" files found in 
 /HiRISE/Data/HiccdStitchC/ directory tree. This procedure
 is used whenever it is decided that the cubenorm processing
 did not provide adequate results. Files deleted are:
 /HiRISE/Data/HiccdStitchC directory:
 *.hiccdstitch.pvl       - PVL file that defines hiccdstitch processing.
 *.hiccdstitch.cub       - CCD files stitched together into a single file
 *.edge_stats_left.pvl   - left edge statistics file
 *.edge_stats_right.pvl  - right edge statistics file
 *.cubenorm.stats.pvl    - Cubenorm metrics for HiCal
 *.radiometric.stats.pvl - Radiometric metrics for HiCal
 *.balance.cub           - balance products
 *.histitch.cub          - histitch products
 *.NOMAP.JP2             - JPEG2000 file
 *.NOMAP.browse.jpg      - browse jpeg file
 *.NOMAP.thumb.jpg       - thumbnail jpeg file
 *.metadata.pvl          - meta data about the Extras products


Drop_Cubenorm_Processing -catalog HiRISE -prod product_id -help

-catalog HiRISE

The name of the catalog for submitting entries to the HiccdStitchC sources table

-prod product_id

The product id specification of the files that are to be removed. Product Id must include _RED, _BG, or _IR appended to the Observation Id as in: PSP_001234_1234_RED

-configuration HiccdstitchC.conf

Full pathname of the Hiccdstitch configuration file. If not specified then the default is $HiRISE_ROOT/Configuration/HiccdStitchC/HiccdStitchC.conf


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