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Catalog: HiRISE
The main HiRISE catalog contains all the information used in operating the HiRISE camera after it is attached to the MRO spacecraft. The information is divided into those related to suggesting, planning, commanding, retrieving, processing, validating, and distributing the observations. The tag that follows an observation through all these catalogs (and from Earth to Mars and back) is the unique Observation_ID. This text representation also forms the core of the product names. The HiRISE catalog also contains ancillary information needed in various uplink and downlink activities, such as the people making image suggestions, MRO project uplink files, SPICE and engineering data, and public image releases.
A table for assigning status tags to products. The tags in this table should be exclusively status related. In order to enforce a single status value in this table, a uniqueness constraint has been placed on the PRODUCT_ID and VERSION columns. The tag definitions are stored in a PVL style configuration file located at /HiRISE/?????? in the HiRISE logical file system.

Field Description Type Null Limits Size Key Default Authority Source
ID A unique integer ID assocated with each tag assignment. INT(10) unsigned auto_increment Not Null Primary Key db server
OBSERVATION_ID The Observation ID of the product associated with this tag. VARCHAR(20) Not Null Downlink tools
PRODUCT_ID The Product ID of the product associated with this tag. VARCHAR(35) Not Null Downlink tools
VERSION The version id of the product this tag is associated with. VARCHAR(255) Downlink tools
TAG_PATH The unique path within the TAG configuration file that uniquely identifies the position of the TAG_NAME in the taggine hierarchy. TEXT Not Null Tagsonomy configuration file
TAG_NAME The tag to be associated with the given product/observation. VARCHAR(255) Not Null Downlink tools
USERNAME The system username of the user that assigned the tag to the product. VARCHAR(25) Not Null Downlink tools
COMMENT A note from the user applying the tag to indicate why the tag was applied, or any other relevant information relating to the tag application. TEXT Downlink tools
RELATED_TAG_ID Some tags may require an action that must be completed, which will result in another tag being applied to indicate the resolution. The originating tag_id should be entered here to indicate what tag is being referred to. INT(10) unsigned Foreign Key which references Product_Status (ID) ON DELETE CASCADE Downlink tools
LAST_UPDATE This column records the last time that a record was updated. TIMESTAMP db server

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