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Catalog: HiRISE
The main HiRISE catalog contains all the information used in operating the HiRISE camera after it is attached to the MRO spacecraft. The information is divided into those related to suggesting, planning, commanding, retrieving, processing, validating, and distributing the observations. The tag that follows an observation through all these catalogs (and from Earth to Mars and back) is the unique Observation_ID. This text representation also forms the core of the product names. The HiRISE catalog also contains ancillary information needed in various uplink and downlink activities, such as the people making image suggestions, MRO project uplink files, SPICE and engineering data, and public image releases.
This table contain nomenclature for various regions on Mars.

Field Description Type Null Limits Size Key Default Authority Source
ID A unique numerical ID for each feature name. INT(10) unsigned auto_increment Not Null Primary Key db server
FEATURE_KEY A foriegn key from the Mars_Feature_Types table INT(4) Foreign Key which references Mars_Feature_Types (ID) ON DELETE SET NULL DB Server
FEATURE_NAME The name of the feature. VARCHAR(255) Not Null USGS Mars nomenclature
CENTER_LONGITUDE The center longitude of the region. FLOAT Not Null USGS Mars nomenclature
CENTER_LATITUDE The center latitude of the region. FLOAT Not Null USGS Mars nomenclature
CENTER The center point of the region stored as an OpenGIS object. POINT Not Null USGS Mars nomenclature
FEATURE_TYPE_CODE A two letter abbrevation of the feature type. ENUM('AL','CA','CB','CH','CM','CO','AA','DO','FL','FO','LA','LB','LN', 'MN','MO','PA','PE','PL','PM','RU','SC','SE','SU','TA','TH','UN','VA','VS' ) USGS Mars nomenclature
FEATURE_TYPE The geologic feature type. ENUM('Albedo Feature','Catena, catenae','Cavus, cavi','Chaos, chaoses', 'Chasma, chasmata','Collis, colles','Crater, craters','Dorsum, dorsa', 'Fluctus, fluctus','Fossa, fossae','Labes, labes','Labyrinthus, labyrinthi', 'Lingula, lingulae','Mensa, mensae','Mons, montes','Palus, paludes', 'Patera, paterae','Planitia, planitiae','Planum, plana','Rupes, rupes', 'Scopulus, scopuli','Serpens, serpentes','Sulcus, sulci', 'Terra, terrae','Tholus, tholi','Unda, undae','Vallis, valles', 'Vastitas, vastitates') USGS Mars nomenclature

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