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Catalog: CTX
This catalog stores metadata from the MRO Context Imager (CTX). CTX provides high resolution, wide field-of-view context images for both HiRISE and CRISM observations, as well as targetting areas of scientific interest on its own. Many HiRISE observations have associated CTX observations.
A table to hold metadata about CTX data products that have been downloaded from Scider.

Field Description Type Null Limits Size Key Default Authority Source
ID The unique identifier for the database. INT(10) unsigned auto_increment Primary Key db server
PRODUCT_ID The product id of the CTX Product VARCHAR(40) Not Null CTX
SOURCE_PRODUCT_ID The source product id. INT(10) unsigned CTX
PATHNAME The full pathname including the file name to the JPEG2000 converted PDS product. TEXT Not Null Conversion Script
TARGET_NAME The target acquired within the product. VARCHAR(40) Not Null CTX
START_TIME The start time of the observation this product was derived from. DATETIME CTX
SPACECRAFT_CLOCK_START_COUNT The count on the spacecraft clock at the time of the start of the observation. VARCHAR(40) CTX
NOTE Note field from the product label. VARCHAR(255) CTX
IMAGE_LINES The number of lines in the image product. INT(6) unsigned CTX
LINE_SAMPLES The number of samples per line. INT(6) unsigned CTX
MAP_PROJECTION_TYPE The map projection type if this product has been reprojected. VARCHAR(40) CTX
MAP_RESOLUTION The map resolution in pixels/degree??? FLOAT unsigned CTX
MAP_SCALE The map scale in meters/pixel??? FLOAT unsigned CTX
MAXIMUM_LATITUDE The maximum latitude of the product. FLOAT CTX
MINIMUM_LATITUDE The minimum latitude of the product. FLOAT CTX
EASTERNMOST_LONGITUDE The easternmost longitude of the product. FLOAT CTX
WESTERNMOST_LONGITUDE The western most longitude of the product. FLOAT CTX
LINE_PROJECTION_OFFSET The line offset value of the map projection origin position from the line and sample 1,1 (which should be the upper left corner of the digital array. FLOAT CTX
SAMPLE_PROJECTION_OFFSET The sample offset value of the map projection origion position from line and sample 1,1. FLOAT CTX
LAST_UPDATE The last time this record was updated. TIMESTAMP db server

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