Unset_CAL_Processing_Mode [Options]


This script is a small wrapper around the Processing_Mode utility. This is specifically for unsetting the processing mode on non-Mars imagery after the EDR_Stats pipeline has completed. Non-Mars observations do not undergo any further processing by the standard pipelines, so this utility unsets the mode on such observations.

The utility needs the observation id, status, and target name of the observation. If the target is not Mars and the status is "COMPLETE" the Processing_Mode utility will be run unset the processing mode on the observation.


--Configuration <configuration>

The configuration file to pass to the Processing_Mode utility. The configuration must contain database connection parameters.

--ObservationID <observation_id>

The observation id that may need its processing mode reset.

--Status <status>

The status of the observation. The status must be "COMPLETE" for the processing mode to be updated.

--TargetName <target>

Set the target name. The target must not be Mars for the processing mode to be reset.


Print usage and options help and exit


Print "man page" style documentation and exit